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About Gilon

The wide range of products we offer are :

  • Vacuum Lifting Equipment

  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems

  • Industrial Dust Collectors

  • Electric Lifting Hoists

  • Big Bag Dischargers and filling

  • Bucket elevators

  • Screening Equipment, Milling and Mixing

  • Mechanical Conveying of Powders and Grains

  • Shredders for the industrial and municipality waste (wood, plastic, etc.) 

  • Crusher, Hammer mill etc.

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Shot Blasting equipment

  • Air Cooled Condensers for power plants

  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators & Process Waste Heat Recovery Boilers

  • Chillers for Gas Turbines Air Inlet System

  • Gas compressors, PRMS and Heaters

  • Diverters and Stacks

  • Ground Support Equipment for Aircraft and Airports

  • And more

Gilon Supply was founded in 1972 and represents leading worldwide manufacturers in Europe and U.S.A. offering an impressive wide range of equipment to the Israeli industry.

We are active in three main areas: Material Handling, process equipment as well as equipment for Gas Turbine Power Stations.

Gilon Supply enjoys excellent relationship with the local industry and institutes in various sectors in Israel such as: pharmaceutical industry, chemical, food, metal, military and more – identifying their requirements and providing them years of experience with high quality service.

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